A risky decision to take a semester off of college, live out of my car, & attempt to compete at the Winter X-Games started because I saw them on TV and thought why not me.
I went from Ski Brule in Iron River, MI to World Championships, to X-Games Gold & Silver medals, to 3 Olympic appearances, & I’m still at it. All becuase I Dreamt Big, believed I could do it, & I took the chance to go after it.
It opened doors to things that I never could have imagined I would get to experience. When you Dream Big the decision to follow your dreams isn’t always easy. Medals aren’t the reward, I lose most of the ones I win. The reward isn’t money, I have little. The rewards are the experiences you have, relationships you build, & the good you get to do along the way.

Snowboard Cross / SBX
I compete in Snowboard Cross or SBX but what exactly is Snowboard Cross?
Simply put….
4 to 6 people line up at the top of the mountain, Go!
First person to the bottom of the mountain wins.


  • Winter Olympics
    Snowboard Cross
    2018 – PyeongChang / South Korea
         4th place finish
    2014 – Sochi / Russia
         25th place finish
    2010 – Vancouver, BC / Canada
         20th place finish
  • Winter X-Games
    Snowboarder X
    2012 – Aspen, CO / USA
         Silver – 2nd
    2011 – Aspen, CO / USA
         Gold – 1st
  • World Championships
    Snowboard Cross
    2017 – Sierra Nevada / Spain
         Gold – 1st SBXT
    2015 – Kreischberg / Austria
         Bronze – 3rd
    2009 – Gangwon / South Korea
         Bronze – 3rd
  • World Cup Highlights
    Snowboard Cross
    2017 – La Molina / Spain
         Bronze – 3rd
    2016 – Veysonnaz / Switzerland     Silver – 2nd
    2016 – Bokwang / South Korea
         Bronze – 3rd
  • US National Championships
    Snowboard Cross
        National Champion – 1st
         Back 2 Back
         National Champion – 1st

         National Champion – 1st