MI Schools Tour

Another important thing that I’ve picked up on is most of us willing to Dream Big start dreaming big as kids.

The DreamBigMI Schools Tour will be more than an opportunity for me to  get up in front of a group of students and talk at them.
My goal is to interact with and encourage students to have big dreams & believe in the validity of their dreams no matter what they are.
The focus is to create opportunities that engage students to share their big dreams as well as incorporate my training & nutritional routine into school appearances.
No matter how big the school or size of the audience (individual class, organization, club, team) if you’d like to have me I’ll make an effort to make it happen.

Incorporating my Training routine:
I’m required 3 outdoor exercise/training activities a week as part of my US Ski & Snowboard Team training requirements.
I’d like to incorporate students into the process by letting them pick & plan the training activity. Then any students that would like to can participate as well.
Incorporate an activity that showcases a Michigan location or activity, that’s a win for everyone.

Incorporating my Nutritional routine:
As a world class athlete and just a person interested in being happy & healthy I try to maintain nutritious eating habits that align with a healthy lifestyle.
It’s one of the ways I’m constantly moving towards my big dream.
If I’m making an appearance at your school I’d prefer to be spending my time hanging out rather than worrying about my nutritional routine for the day.

Instead, it would be great if a group of students could put together a fresh healthy meal worthy of an Olympic athlete’s nutritional needs.
Incorporate Michigan or local ingredients, that’s a win for everyone.

Interested in being a stop on the DreamBigMI Schools Tour?
If you are a school administrator, teacher, student, business, parent, grandparent, organization, or anyone else that believes in encouraging the youth of Michigan to adopt a Dream Big Lifestyle as a way of approaching life get in touch & we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.
(I’ll be posting a school appearance request form and launching the DreamBigMI Schools Tour on Social Media in the coming months)

Interested in Sponsoring a stop on the DreamBigMI Schools Tour?
(I’ll be posting a DreamBigMI Schools Tour Sponsor Package in the coming months)