MI Lifestyle

I travel the world to train & compete as a member of the US Snowboard Team. It’s taken me to 22 different countries in my 12 year career. I have a passion for promoting a Dream Big attittude towards life. You never know where it can take you. Snowboarding down a mountain real fast has taken me places I could never have imagined.

I devote a great deal of time to training outdoors & living an active lifestyle. I spend my time training in Michigan as much as I possibly can. I was born, raised, & represent Michigan. Michigan is more than where I live, it’s my lifestyle.

When I’m at home I’m constantly outdoors. The variety of activities Michigan offers me in my own backyard are endless. I snowboard, hike, bike, paddleboard, camp, & do just about everything else there is to do outdoors. If I haven’t tried it yet just give me the opportunity.

Promoting Constant Movement is a passion of mine because I believe it is a key to my success as a world class athlete & a must as part of a happy & healthy lifestyle.