founder DreamBigMI

3x Olympic Snowboarder,
X-Games Gold/Silver Medalist,
Pro Motorsports Driver,
Outdoor Enthusiast,
ADHD Positive Big Dreamer,
& Michigander

I’m a high energy extrovert with the attention span of a squirrel and a risky decision making process as co-pilot. I’ve competed in the top levels of competition in two seasonally different sports:
Professional Snowboarding & Motorsports.

Birthdate:  12.17.1981
 205 lbs.

Hometown: Iron River, Michigan, USA
(Bates Township)

Snowboard Cross Athlete/Team USA
4th in 2018 Winter Olympics
Chasing 4th Winter Olympics set for Beijing China in 2022
Occasional Off-Road Motorsports Driver

For me, it usually starts with a risky decision gone right and seems to end with a dream realized. That’s been the simple reality of dancing spastically with Lady Luck for decades.

I’m a small town guy on a wild ride.
I was born, raised, & still reside in Bates, MI (Population 1,000). I was raised to Dream Big, have a lot of them, & never be afraid of taking a risk to chase my dreams.

I was an athlete at West Iron County high school in Iron River, Michigan.
Go Wycons!
I played football, wrestled, & ran track. I was a State Champion wrestler, hurdler, & All-State football player.

I spent a semester at Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan where I was on the football team & undecided in my academic studies. I had planned to take a huge risk and take a semester off to chase my dream of snowboarding as a way of life. I won a few events, progressed to win a National Championship, & never looked back.

I’ve been a blue collar guy my whole life.  I support my Olympic Snowboarding habit with seasonal work as a concrete contractor which takes a toll on my body.

I’ve walked away from my fair share of hard crashes, “squirrel, frog, change that light bulb, lets take a bike ride.” ADHD has been a big part of who I am and a constant challenge to manage. 

Currently I’m chasing my fourth Olympic appearance and my big dream of a podium finish on the largest stage my sport has to offer.